Not since the 1950's with the invention of the "Twist-Off" lug closure, has a revolutionary intellectual property innovation become available to capture the snap-on/snap-off or twist on/twist off lug closure market.

According to a study conducted by the Strategic Promotion of Aging Research (SPAR). The Engineering Packaging Department University of Sheffield found that for many older people, "Indepndent Life" can be compromised by difficulties when opening packed foods. The same can be said by those who have Arthritus, Carpel Tunnel and Breast Cancer Survivors.

Innovation starts with a real focus on human psychology and behavore. Traditionally, the packaging for food has been designed by the manufacturer, from a manufacturers point of view. First, to protect the goods it contained, and second, to catch the eyes of the consumer. In order to achieve those objectives. Strong, tight seals were used. This means that various types of packages were used and many consumers found them difficult to open.

More recently there has occurred a "Paradigm Shift" changing the focus on to the demands of the consumer rather than those of the manufacturers. The main drivers inherent in packaging design used to be that of cost to the manufacturers. Nowadays; however, there is the additional factor of open ability.


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