Utilizing Technology to Revolutionize the Industry For the Betterment of Consumers

- Innovation starts with a real focus on human psychology and behavior.

- Not since the 1950’s with the invention of the “Twist-Off®” lug closure has a revolutionary intellectual property innovation become available to capture the closure market.

- Traditionally the food packaging has been designed by the manufacturer and from the manufacturers point of view.

- Innovation in the grocery store is currently being driven by a growing number of retailers focusing on their customers. The industry is currently undergoing a phenomenon called a “Paradigm Shift” changing the focus onto the demands of the consumer rather than those of the manufacturers.

- Consumer Convenience Technologies with the Push Button Closure brings to the consumer a product, which will revolutionize an improved experience opening a vacuum-sealed container giving them Peace of Mind.

- Designed to accommodate all forms and sizes of jars (58mm through 110mm).

- Designed to be implemented through an in-line or off line conversion system.


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