CCT attended the Pack Expo International and Healthcare Packaging Expo October 14th thru 17th, 2018. We want to THANK everyone who visited our booth (# N-4867) and experienced the "WORLD CHANGING" difference removing our closures converted with our technology on them, vs. the current unconverted closures, "the old standard".

Click on the video to see people experience the WOW Factor!
Thank you to all participants.


Bill (94), Sharon (70), Sheila (44), Michelle (64), Carrie (40) and Jim (59).

See our loved ones experience the old and the new.

We asked a few of our family members to open two vacuum sealed glass jar containers. The first a "control", the same as one would encounter from an off the grocery store shelf product. The second, our CCT Push Button Technology added to the same closure. See their reactions at struggled efforts trying to open, some unsuccessful, others eventually opening the control. Then success and a joyful experience when they realise how much eaiser the converted CCT Push Button Closure is.
Thanks so much to all for allowing us to share these experiences.


Meet Leslie Mann.

Leslie suffers from Arthritis and also had Carpel Tunnel Surgery.

When Leslie was introduced to CCT's Push Button Closure Technology. She immediately saw the convenience of CCT's invention, and welcomed the opportunity to provide CCT a testimony.

Click on the video to see Leslie, in her own words.
Thank you Leslie.


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